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“NAVRANG”(Nine Colors) was another film based show on DD Metro that was anchored by Seema Kapoor. This show gave its audience a peek into the flashback of the immensely reach treasure of the Indian film music world in a very artistic and classy way.
Seema Kapoor was a brilliant and sophisticated anchor for the show and took a walk with the viewers in the history of Indian film music while playing clips of some of the most beautiful melodies ever composed.

“KAGAJ KE PHOOL” (Paper flowers):-
Was a program that was closely associate with the tinsel town. With KAGAJ KE PHOOL, Meteor International ventured to tell stories of unfurnished dream of Indian Movie Industry to eager viewers of small screen. This program was anchored by Tom Alter and Avinash Vidyarthi. A low budget, high concept series, KAGAJ KE PHOOL gained a great deal of popularity in the hearts of the Indian television audience who were curious to take a peek into the graves of multi-million rupee projects that never saw light of the day.

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