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Meaning bonded slave, in essence, is the story of a slave who captivated the heart of the prince, the Rajah of small state in Rajasthan in the pre-independence era. The infrastructure to support the Rajah’s pre-occupation with the sex and pleasure of the flesh was the “Baandi” and “Goli” system. There was bidding, no matter what it cost them. There were so many harems to provide the princes every kind of a variety of sexual experience. If the “Baandis” got pregnant, they would be married off to another male slave in the Rajah’s service.

The serial portrays the life of one such “baandi”, Meera , her trails and tribulation, her agonies and her journey to hell and back.

The treatment would be realistic and an attempt would be made to be as possible with regards to sets, costumes and historical facts.

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